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Lake Tear of the Clouds is the Jim James-produced debut from Cornelia Murr. Dreamy, swirling soundscapes support Murr's sultry croon, which fluctuates from earnest vulnerability to brazen self-assuredness, somehow always maintaining an even-keeled warmth that feels like being serenaded from across the fire. The LP will be out in the world July 13th via Autumn Tone (Anti-/Epitaph).
Release date
July 13th, 2018
Featuring the single(s)
"Man On My Mind", "Tokyo Kyoto", and "Who Am I to Tell You". Hear the entire album here:
Publisher: Ribbon Music
Morgan Lebus /

Label: Autumn Tone / Anti-
Justin Gage /

Press: Grandstand
Erin Thompson /
"The smoldering lullabies of Cornelia Murr’s Lake Tear of the Clouds cast a bewitching haze...and finds her voice on melodies that stay tucked away in your brain long after you hear them."
- No Depression

"Lake Tear of the Clouds carries a lot of weight underneath its airy surface. Across an album full of fertile contrasts, “Cicada” ranks among the most enigmatic—and the most satisfying, once you crack its outer layer."
- Pitchfork

"Cornelia Murr’s debut studio album is a gracious meditation on self-induced isolation. Murr’s spectral soundscapes are chilling and otherworldly, and Lake Tear of the Clouds feels long overdue in a world of overly produced nonsense. 8/10*"
- Line of Best Fit

"Her voice is a salve, sweeping from note to note and blending the warmth of her lows with the coos of her highs."
- The Wild Honey Pie

KCRW Presents Cornelia Murr's Record Release Show at The Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles July 20th.

New video for "Tokyo Kyoto" premiered by Aquarium Drunkard.

"Man On My Mind" featured as Today's Top Tune on KCRW with rotation on Morning Becomes Eclectic.

Early support of "Man On My Mind" from The Current and KCRW.

Premiere of the video for first single "Man On My Mind" via Stereogum.

“'Man On My Mind' certainly exists in that place, the pocket of pressure in between two things, two competing urges or visions. A sense of hope vs. a sense of encroaching darkness, or infatuation vs. being over it. But while it might emerge from a particular tension, the song sounds more like a salve, like the meditation in the middle of the madness that, just maybe, will offer a sense of peace as the rest unfolds."
- Stereogum

"Like water, Murr’s words, voice, and stories flow, propelled by an easy momentum that moves them along their journey with balance and grace. "
- Aquarium Drunkard